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Light and dark is a strong feature in my work, the London cityscapes are generally black, white and hints of blue. I like to capture certain moments or atmosphere, covering some of London's famous and not so famous streets and landmarks, whilst focusing on that little something extra such as distinct shadows or somewhere busy with people showing the hustle and bustle this wonderful city has to offer. I live in the county of Essex, UK where I was born, and have been painting since my childhood days. I am a self taught artist who creates captivating pieces of art thats comes totally from my heart and imagination. My paintings capture my great love of the colours and moodiness landscapes can offer, having a love for the outdoors, I have a tendancy to look up at the sky and feel amazed at the shapes and colours of the clouds and the unremarkable effects of sunsets. Influenced by many modern landscape artists who create such magical and lively pieces of art, I get a great sense of satisfaction when I finish a painting that gives that feeling of it just coming alive, with depth, colour and impression. I find art so expressonistic and am proud of being part of something so creative and wonderful.

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